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Alien to Me

A naïve alien sets out into the universe to explore for the first time.  

Four episodes available on Youtube

Not a Test

Experimental 360 VR Pilot episode, funded by Google.

Starring Seth Morris, Mary Holland, and Chris Parnell


A religious fish has an existential crisis when he finds out what the surface world is really like.

The Meltdown

A sarcastic physicist at a Nuclear Testing Facility finds himself in a sticky situation after his ineptitude leaves the facility in grave danger.

Student Academy Awards - Animation Semifinalist  |  New FilmMakers Los Angeles - Official Selection  |  First Look Film Festival - Official Selection  |  Louisiana Int'l Film Festival - Official Selection  |  Silicon Beach Film Festival - Official Selection  |  Les Utopiales Festival International de Science-Fiction de Nantes - Official Selection

The Ins and Outs of In-N-Out

Its like a What Would Jesus Do bracelet, only a film, and more burgers.

Official Selection Cleveland Int'l Film Festival  |  Official Selection interFilm Berlin Film Festival  |  Official Selection LA Comedy Festival  |  Official Selection Adobe First Frame Film Festival  |  Animation Semifinalist: Adobe Design Achievement Awards

Verner Varlin

Tonight he is the law… Well not legally or anything.

Official Selection LA Comedy Festival

Stuck in Space

An astronaut finds himself adrift in deep space with his only companion being his off-putting AI assistant.

Five episodes available on Vimeo